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Helping Families in Crisis

The past three years have been particularly difficult for families with serious health conditions. Indeed, the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States is an unforeseen medical emergency. Our organizational flexibility has permitted us to intervene strategically in cases of extreme hardship with economic support and gestures of solidarity. We have provided aid to a father of two young girls who was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumors, helped a single mother make rent payments and purchase groceries, and supplied families of young children born with birth anomalies with some of life's necessities. We were fortunate to be able to provide modest financial assistance to a young man who suffered a severe brain injury and required multiple surgeries and an extensive hospital stay. Cancer is by far the most common and devastating illness faced by many families in our community. We have worked with numerous families in a number of capacities. Often, it is our timely assistance that enables them to pay bills, clothe their children, and stay in their homes.

Parma City School District

Since the inception of Full Circle Giving, we have partnered with the Parma City School District in order to enhance the overall educational experience for students. The James E. Hanna Elementary School (Grades K-6) serves some of the city's most disadvantaged pupils. Many students are in need of hats, gloves, and scarves for the winter months. Through our fundraising, Full Circle Giving was able to donate over 200 new hats, gloves, and scarves, so that every student could have appropriate winter apparel. For the past three years, we have also purchased and wrapped Christmas gifts for the school's most disadvantaged students. We work closely with teachers and school officials to ensure that our gifts match with students' sizes and interests. Unfortunately, our list of children grows each year, and this year we supplied gifts for 31 children.
At Full Circle Giving, we believe that students can only thrive when their basic needs are meet. This includes creating surroundings that are welcoming and in which students can develop a love of beauty. We regularly undertake the beautification of the school's entrance, and provide for its maintenance. Annually, we pull weeds and plant flowers around the entranceway of Hanna Elementary in order to welcome students back with beautiful colors.

Metro Burn Unit

At Full Circle Giving we are very excited about our current partnership with Metro Health. We are in Metro Burn Unitthe processes of making no-sew fleece blankets to be donated to the Burn Unit. Because of the regional prominence of other healthcare providers, this institution is often overlooked by sponsors. We are hoping to bring compassion to some of the city's neediest patients




Helping the Homeless

Covering Cleveland is a Lakewood-based organization that provides Cleveland's homeless with the bare necessities needed to survive cold and lonely nights on the dowCovering Clevelandntown streets. Erin Huber, an 18 year-old looking to help her fellow Clevelanders, founded Covering Cleveland in 2000. While driving around downtown one night, Erin, then 16, pulled over to the side of the road to help a young couple making their bed on a sewer grate during a snowstorm. She left her warm car and offered them a blanket she had in her car, spoke with them for a few minutes, gave them hugs, and went on her way. This moment changed her life and she spent the next two years trying to think of how she could get more involved in helping the homeless survive these brutal winters. In 2000, Covering Cleveland was born.

The Lakeside Men's Shelter in downtown Cleveland houses from 135 to 300 men. The shelter offers evening lodging, mental health intervention, transitional housing, and alcohol and drug rehabilitation. It also provides laundry facilities, showers, and meals to Cleveland's male homeless population.

Full Circle Giving has taken on the project of collecting clothing, eating utensils, furniture, etc. for the homeless and dropping them off throughout the year at A Village. Marianne Goldweber of A Village has offered her business facility as a drop-off point for the Lakeside Men's Shelter, as well as other organizations dedicated to helping the needy.

Hanna Garden Project

The Full Circle Giving nonprofit organization has lovingly "adopted" James E. Hanna Elementary School as one of its community service projects. Hanna is located at 11212 Snow Road, Parma, Hanna Garden Project44130.

This past August 2007, Full Circle Giving donated and planted flowering perennials on either side of the entranceway to Hanna Elementary, welcoming back the students with fall colors and beauty.


Hat & Gloves Project

James E. Hanna Elementary School (Grades K-6) serves some of the poorest and most disadvantaged children in the Parma school system. We have learned from the principal, Michael Jenkins, that many of Hanna's students, most of whom walk to school, are in Hats and Gloves Projectneed of hats, gloves, and scarves for the winter months.

Full Circle Giving raised money from our coin jars and letter campaign to meet this need. We sent out letters requesting donations of hats, gloves, and scarves or monetary donations to our local businesses. We also handed out coin jars to family and friends, asking them to donate their spare change.

Through our fundraising, Full Circle Giving donated over 200 new hats, gloves, and scarves, so that every student in need at Hanna will have appropriate winter items.

Laura's Home

LAURA'S HOME - Laura's Home, a Ministry of The City Mission, is a long-term residential facility for women Laura's Homeand children. Last year, Laura's Home provided 54,436 meals and 32,248 nights of shelter to 845 women and 542 children in emergency shelter and residency programs. Full Circle Giving has been working with Laura's Home on a long-term project to provide for these individuals' health, hygiene, and beauty needs.

Full Circle Giving regularly collects non-perishable products such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, lotion, etc., for delivery to Laura's Home. To date, we have conducted 6 major collections for the City Mission, and helped to bring care and comfort to the lives of these women and children.

W.A.G.S. 4Kids

W.A.G.S. 4 KIDS - WAGS is a non-profit charity training and placing service animals free of charge to children with disabilities in Northeast Ohio. Because of their need for this service, we have WAGS 4Kidsoffered to create and maintain their database gratis.








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